Justin Urquhart Stewart give talk at hc's Conference Suite

HC Solicitors together with Cowens Insurance Brokers hosted a seminar featuring Justin Urquhart Stewart, nationally renowned financial commentator, on Wednesday 10th December.

Justin, who is one of the most recognised and trusted market commentators in the national media, visited hc solicitors’ Conference Suite on Thorpe Road to talk to an audience of local business people about the crisis facing the UK and global economy and the strategies pursued by Justin’s own company, Seven Investment Management.

Adam Farnsworth, of Berry’s Property Services partnership, who attended the event said: “The gauge of a good mind is the ability to make the complicated appear simple and analysis to be direct , and Justin did that and was also entertaining.” Justin’s talk put the current economic crisis in a global and historical context, going into the situation in the rest of the world in some depth and highlighting the similarities and differences between this and previous recessions. Overall, Justin summarised that it is his belief that the current crisis will only be fully resolved when the excess indebtedness in the consumer sector as well as the financial sector and government has been worked through. Although the government may need to borrow to buy our way out of the recession, he recommended that individuals begin to save and invest and reduce their borrowings.

Lynne Ayres, hc’s Managing Director, commented: “We were delighted to be able to host a speaker of Justin’s calibre and renown and I personally found Justin’s talk heartening despite the sombre theme. His main point that the cycle of bust and boom is an ancient and historic one and recessions are always recovered from was positive and encouraging.”

Jillian Thomas Director of Cowens’ Financial Service further added: "As financial planners we endeavour to segment the disciplines, Cowens taking responsibility for the production of the financial plan, then sub-contracting the investment strategy to trusted third parties. Seven Investment Management activity risk manage our clients’ monies, within highly diversified asset classes. In today's volatile investment markets that is reassuring to us and to our clients".

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