Land Registry set to reduce their fees

From 17th March 2014, the Land Registry will be reducing the fees they charge and will also introduce discounts of up to 50% for applications that can be lodged electronically via their Electronic Documentation Registration Service.

The main changes are that a 50% reduction will be given for customers who submit transfers and charges of the whole applications electronically and reducing the fees payable for properties priced between £50,001 and £80,000 from £70 to £40 and for properties priced between £80,001 and £100,000 from £120 to £80. It will also cost less to inspect documents or order official copies of documents, with the fee being £3 per document when applied for electronically or £7 per document when applied for on paper through the post

In keeping with our Investors in Environment Green Accreditation, the majority of our Land Registry applications to register conveyancing Transfers and Mortgages are already being carried out using the Land Registry’s Electronic Documentation Registration Service. This reduces the amount of paper used, both by us and the Land Registry. The environmental impact is further lessened as the registration fee is paid by direct debit avoiding the necessity for cheques to be prepared, sent via the post and then cleared through the banking system.

From March, we look forward to passing the reduction in fees proposed by the Land Registry to our clients.

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