Law Society President Visits HC Solicitors

Paul Marsh, the President of the Law Society, visited local firm, hc solicitors, this month as part of his programme of meetings with solicitors throughout the country.

The key topics on the table for discussion were the proposed changes in Legal Aid funding and the opportunity afforded by the introduction of Alternative Business Structures for law firms.

As one of the few larger firms who still choose to act for publicly-funded lower income clients, hc solicitors expressed their concern about the possibility of changes in Legal Aid affecting access to justice for those clients unable to afford to appoint their own lawyer.

A more positive discussion was held on the introduction of Alternative Business Structures which will allow law firms to be owned and run by non-lawyers. Alternative Business Structures offer the benefit of allowing legal firms to form partnerships across the business world which may improve the way that professional services are delivered to the business community.

Lynne Ayres, Managing Director of hc solicitors commented: “We were honoured to be chosen as representative of legal firms all over the country in receiving a visit from Paul and had a lively discussion about the issues facing the legal profession in the future. We expressed our commitment to continuing with our unusual blend of providing a full range of legal services for local businesses as well as supporting access to legal services for the disdvantaged in our community.”

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