Lord Chancellor Visits Hunt & Coombs Solicitors.

Lord Chancellor Visits Hunt & Coombs Solicitors

On only the fourth day after the official swearing in ceremony of the new Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, Chris Grayling MP it was with a great sense of pride that Lynne Ayres, the Managing Director of Peterborough based solicitors Hunt & Coombs Solicitors, welcomed the Lord Chancellor, who is also the Secretary State of Justice and head of the Ministry of Justice, to the offices of Hunt & Coombs Solicitors at 35 Thorpe Road, Peterborough.

Hunt & Coombs have provided commercial and private legal services to a broad range of clients and are the leading providers of Criminal, Family and Mental Health Legal Aid services in Cambridgeshire. Hunt & Coombs also service a number of large international financial corporations and Mr Grayling, the Conservative MP for Epsom and Ewell, was pleased to be welcomed to the office and to talk with staff about the future of the legal industry. The topic of legal aid reforms was inevitably raised and Mr Grayling thanked the staff and Lynne Ayres for “the very useful and informative visit”.

Lynne Ayres thanked all staff who attended the meeting which included HM Coroner for Peterborough Mr David Heming, a Director at Hunt & Coombs Solicitors, and commented:

“We were delighted that the Lord Chancellor of Great Britain, the Justice Secretary and the Keeper of the Queen’s Conscience was able to find time to visit our business and were honoured that this visit was one his first engagements following his official swearing in to office. It is a great honour for any Law Firm to be visited by the Lord Chancellor, who had been the Head of the Judiciary for centuries until the Constitutional Reform Act 2005, and we are proud that our legal practice was able to introduce itself to the Secretary of State.”

She added “The Lord Chancellor asked me to call him Chris, and personally I will rejoice in telling people that I am on first name terms with the Secretary of State! This is the first time in the 78 years of our practice that we have been able to welcome the Lord Chancellor to our office and I have given Chris an open invitation to visit us whenever he wishes to in future."

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