Technology to make you Appy!

HC Beer Fest

Following the well established tradition for regional law firm Hunt & Coombs LLP, they again took prime hospitality space on the Thursday night of the Beer Festival. The event is always a great success for them and this year they opted for a technology based theme, running a VIP Pre-launch preview of their new Legal App, plus showcasing some cutting edge and seriously impressive Virtual Reality software to cement their position as technology leaders in their marketplace.

HC Beer Fest

Guests had the opportunity to preview the Hunt & Coombs Legal Services App which provided access to a range of tools including access to legal updates, easy access for bills to be paid online, access to a host of important business and tax data and calendar information, links to key staff profiling information and a host of other really useful functions. Guests also had the opportunity to view two amazing Virtual Reality Apps that the firm created for the launch to add a bit of a ‘wow’ and a ‘whoosh’ to proceedings! The Hunt & Coombs World VR and the Hunt & Coombs VR Rollercoaster both run using Google Cardboard and, without exception, this was a totally new experience for all their guests!

HC Beer Fest

For more information, explanation or a quick look at any of the above please contact Andrew Thomson, Chief Executive Officer, on 01733 882800.

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