Employment Law

Employment Law for Employees

Whether you have a potential employment tribunal claim or just need clarification on a work-related problem and advice on how to proceed, we can help.

Employment law is one of the most rapidly developing areas of law and knowing your rights gives you power. It can make all the difference between helplessness and empowerment.

Whatever your needs as an employee, authoritative advice will maximise your chances of success.

We can help you with:


Were you dismissed for fair reasons and in the right way; were you paid for your full notice period and can you claim compensation?


Age, disability, equal pay, gender reassignment, pregnancy and maternity, marital status, race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, trade union membership, whistle blowing, part-time and fixed-time working. Are you being treated less favourably than others?

Grievances and Disciplinary matters

How to resolve difficulties at work and have your grievances properly addressed and how best to deal with disciplinary action against you including investigatory meetings.

Employment contract

How to understand your rights whether or not you have a written employment contract; how to obtain written terms upon request; and what to do if your employer makes unlawful changes to your terms of employment.

Family and Flexible working rights

We can help you with your rights to maternity, paternity and parental leave, special leave for adoption, and requesting flexible working hours.

Access to your personnel files and personal information

How to obtain information stored about you, which may be damaging your career, and to compel your former employer to correct inaccurate records.

Bullying and Harassment

How to stop bullying and harassment and prevent abuse.

Holidays and Sickness

Are you being put under unreasonable pressure as a result of sickness or absence from work? Are you receiving the paid annual leave to which you are entitled?

Restrictive covenants and confidentiality

What restrictions can your employer impose on you during and after your employment, and are they enforceable?


How to find out what your former employers are saying about you and what you can do to ensure that they do not damage your future prospects.


We can represent you in employment tribunals and the civil courts.

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