Unilaw - European Legal Advice

UNILAW is a consortium of European Law firms dedicated to the provision of cross-border legal services for the benefit of clients of the whole group. The group of European lawyers and solicitors meet regularly to obtain a deeper understanding of commercial and personal law and legal services across Europe in other member's countries. If you or your company require access to European lawyers who can speak various languages and are experts in their ownregional legal jurisdiction, you can access the services provided by Unilaw by contacting Hunt & Coombs.

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors has been an active member of this European law group since 1994. Our clients not only benefit from cross-border advice and resources but also from a deeper understanding of European legal issues. In the past we have worked on European Enforcement Orders, a new area of law which allows the easier recovery of cross-border debt in which Hunt & Coombs have played a pioneering role.

Clients of all of Unilaw's member firms can access either a seamless cross-border legal service through their own lawyer or they can deal directly with a Unilaw member in another country - safe in the knowledge that they will receive the highest level of professional care.

Please contact us for further information on how Unilaw can help you and for details of the consortium's member lawyers across Europe.



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