Professional legal advice for business owners who need help with defence or prosecution

Business Defence

Our Crime and Defence Team have years of experience in advice, defence, prosecution and representation. We carry out Commercial Defence and Prosecution as well as Individual Defence work. At Hunt & Coombs we can advise company directors, members of the professions and white collar personnel facing investigation or court proceedings in a regulatory, criminal or disciplinary context.

Business Defence

We handle all forms of business crime including fraud & corporate manslaughter, and are able to use our vast experience of court representation to good effect in defending our business clients. Our lawyers have a broad commercial awareness which is complimented by the support of our in-house Commercial Team and experts in other areas of the law.

Health and Safety Prosecutions

If you are faced with an investigation on Health and Safety issues, either as an individual or as a company, it is critical that you are represented as early as possible by an experienced solicitor. Your lawyer can then help to influence the pace and direction of any investigations and to represent you during police or HSE interview as required.


Our experienced team can carry out prosecutions on your behalf. Our team have years of experience of defence and prosecution in the courts and have a good record of success on prosecutions for statutory agencies. We prosecute for a number of statutory agencies, including the Environment Agency and several of our lawyers have experience of statutory prosecutions.


Our team is experienced in handling applications for, and issues arising from, alcohol and gaming licences and can represent you if your existing licence is under threat.

Licensing pricing and timescales

To provide you with the accurate and relevant pricing information to help you make a considered decision when choosing and purchasing legal services from our Licensing applications team please visit our Legal fees for Licensing Applications page or contact us using the details below.

Motoring Offences

We specialise in representing those charged with motoring offences and have had numerous successes in protecting our client's licences even when they have reached the maximum 12 points. Our lawyers are experienced in pleading for retention of your licence and can advise you on whether this may be possible. We are happy to provide advice to Fleet Managers on the management of motoring convictions.

Police Station

Our Crime lawyers are on call 24 hours a day and will attend the police station to represent you if you are questioned or arrested on suspicion of committing an offence and ensure that correct procedures are followed and that your interests are protected. Eight members of the team are Police Station Duty Solicitors.


Please contact us immediately if you or your company is charged with an offence. Early representation can make all the difference to the outcome of an investigation. Our solicitors will help you to prepare your cases and can represent you in court and present your defence.


The object of an inquest is to conduct an inquiry into how someone came to lose their life. There is a serious risk that evidence that emerges in an inquest can give rise to criminal, regulatory or disciplinary proceedings so if you are involved in an inquest legal representation may be in your best interests. 

Contact Us

Our crime team provides a 24-hour-a-day service giving clients instant access to our specialist lawyers who will be able to offer immediate advice. Please call our Team on01733 882800 or email us

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