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Cash Seizure and Forfeiture

Hunt & Coombs have a large team who specialise in assisting individuals and companies who have found themselves in the distressing position of being involved in a Police cash seizure.

Police and Custom Officers are regularly seizing cash over £1000 and then applying to the Court for the forfeiture of those monies. This is done on the basis that the Police believe that the monies may be the proceeds of criminal activity or that they could be used to fund criminal activity.

Unusually this is one of those situations where the law of innocent until proven guilty seems to have been reversed with individuals having to prove where their money has come from in order to have it returned to them, rather than the authorities having to prove it was from an illegitimate source.

Hunt & Coombs defence team can assist individuals, families and companies in defending these cash seizures. We can assist in the preparation and correlation of date which will prove that money has come from a legitimate source. We can offer excellent representation in Court to ensure that all the information that the Court needs to enable to return monies to individuals is provided in such a way that it achieves the best result.

Hunt & Coombs understand that having your back accounts frozen or having your life savings taken away from you can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can suffer.

If you or any person is involved in the following then we will be happy to discuss these issues with you and offer you a confidential consultation where we can give you the benefit of our experience as to how matters proceed through investigation stages and subsequently Court hearings:

  • Cash seizures;
  • Fraud and financial investigation;
  • FSA criminal investigations;
  • Corruptions and bribery;
  • Cartels and illegal price fixing;
  • Confiscation procedures;
  • Insider dealing; or
  • Conspiracy to defraud.

For assistance please contact Andrew Cave on 01733 882800 or by using the email link below.