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Complex Crime and Serious Fraud

For over 75 years Hunt & Coombs Solicitors have been representing clients in relation to the most complex of cases.

Hunt & Coombs have a team of dedicated experts who specialise in:

  • Serious fraud;
  • High cost cases;
  • VAT investigations;
  • Customs & Excise offences;
  • Murder, manslaughter and related grave offences;
  • Terrorism; and
  • Money Laundering.

Complex crime and serious fraud cases involve a considerable amount of dedication and time in order for a legal team to understand the complexities and facts of any individual case.

Generally, fraud cases take years to get to Court and months then to progress through the legal system. Cases of this nature will involve thousands of pounds worth of costs and can result in lengthy prison sentences if convicted.

In our experience, a dedicated personal service by professionals working with their clients ensures that people are represented to the highest level with their best defence being put forward. In complex cases the smallest piece of evidence can be the turning point in relation to significant issues.

We are aware that in complex cases the person who knows their case the best is often the accused who is the linchpin to the preparation of the case. Our dedicated service will ensure that all areas of the case are looked at and a good line of communication develops between all involved.

Investigation Stage

Many cases may have the most complex of defences, amongst numerous legal arguments, but what is said at the outset by the persons accused/involved with these issues can greatly affect the outcome of the case.

It is not unusual for interviews at Police Stations and other locations to take days to complete. The nature of interviews lasting a significant number of hours can lead to considerable pressure can being applied to those being interviewed.

We would advise the early intervention of a legal team before any interviews take place or at least during the investigation stage is the best way to ensure that your rights as the accused are protected from the outset.

Before and during the investigation stage we can of course assist with a number of issues which can arise in these types of cases:

  • Freezing orders;
  • Search warrants; and
  • Seizure of documents.

Preparation for Trial

The more complex the case the more powers are needed in order to prepare fully for these types of cases. Complex cases can go on for many months and years it is essential to have the best team working for you.

This ensures a dedicated person with knowledge of your case is always available to progress the matter and ensure the preparation is undertaken.

It would not be unusual for many thousands of hours to be spent, leaving no stone unturned in ensuring that your defence team are in the best position to represent your interests fully at any complex trial.

Your Legal Team

When you decide who your legal team are going to be in representing you in some of the most serious matters you will probably ever face it is essential that you have complete confidence in your team. Be sure to consider the following:

  • Experience and reputation of the firm;
  • Personalities involved in representing you;
  • Individualism and specialty of those persons advising you; and
  • The fact that a team is present to assist you.

The leading members of the complex crime team at Hunt & Coombs are supported by assistant solicitors and clerks who have extensive experience in working with the leading individuals ensuring that these cases are prepared to an exemplary level.

Significant cases undertaken

R v Conjoice and others

Wales’ largest ever fraud, Mr Conjoice was tried on two indictments taking close to 9 months of court time. Time spent c.700 hours

R v Williams and others

Represented the second jockey in this renowned ‘race fixing’ trial. Trial lasted four months. time spent 450 hours.

R v Lord Rodley and other

Represented the second defendant in an attempted theft of £300 million from a Japanese bank. Time spent 370 hours.

Rv Thangadevel and others

Represented the third defendant in this conspiracy to defraud £30 million by the use of cloned credit cards. Time spent 250 hours.

Other significant cases undertaken

R -v- M 2014

The above Defendant was involved in a £1.6m fraud in regards to fraudulent finance agreements in respect of the motor trade industry. Instructing solicitors represented the Defendant, who pleaded guilty on agreed basis. The Defendant was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, and the £1.6m POCA proceedings are still ongoing.

R -v- R, M and R 2014

The Defendants were involved in a people trafficking case, where monies were being moved from one account to the other, and were securing purchases of tickets into Europe in breach of immigration legislation. The case concluded with two Defendants negotiating a Basis of Plea on the day of trial, which meant both received custodial sentences less than 3 years. The Third Defendant was acquitted. At the present time two of the Defendants are being represented in respect of applications under POCA, for applications in excess of £1m.

R -v- D, D and D 2014

The Defendants were being pursued in the High Court in relation to an application by the National Crime Agency for confiscation of monies in respect of unpaid duty, valued at approximately £700,000. Proceedings were issued and timetabled for a trial. Instructing solicitors settled these matters with the National Crime Agency, which resulted in the Defendants paying a total sum of £350,000, including costs.

R -v- A 2014

The Defendant in this case was convicted for 25 years in respect of child sex trafficking. The case was concluded, however the Judge made confiscation proceedings in respect of expensive vehicles, which were alleged to be involved in the offence. Instructing solicitors acted for family members in regards to the financial confiscation of these said vehicles. Applications were made to the Judge and Cambridgeshire Police regarding the legalities of the forfeiture of the vehicles. Instructing solicitors were successful in arguing that the registered owners of the said vehicles involved were unaware of the use of these vehicles, and therefore legally should have their property returned to them. This was a successful application in securing the return of a high valued vehicle.

If you wish to discuss any complex crime issues or any potential prosecutions in respect of any serious area of law please do not hesitate to contact our complex crime team.

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