Fees and Expenses

We believe our fees should be easy to understand, and we will give you at the outset our best estimate of likely fees.

We will check whether your legal costs may be payable by anyone else, such as an insurer. We aim to update you regularly about estimated costs.

Our fees are usually calculated on the time spent by the lawyer(s) / individual(s) working on the matter. Your lawyer will advise you at the outset of their hourly rate. Other people working on the matter may have different hourly rates. We may charge for a non-lawyer's time only when it is spent in work which a lawyer would otherwise do.

We may charge a higher rate if your work has some particular complexity or urgency, or requires us to work outside normal working hours. We may also charge a lower hourly rate, at our discretion. Our rates may be reviewed twice each year. We will notify you in writing of any change in our rates. Any fees are exclusive of VAT, where applicable, at the standard rate.

For all our Residential Conveyancing matters we work to a pre-determined quote for our services. Giving you peace of mind at the outset of buying or selling your home.

Please contact us if you would like an estimate for your particular matter.