Inquest representation at Hunt & Coombs Solicitors


The objective of an inquest is not to apportion blame for a person's death but it is to conduct an inquiry into how someone came to lose their life. After this inquiry a company or an individual may find themselves under scrutiny about their operating procedures and responsibilities for the death. There is a serious risk that evidence which emerges in an inquest may also give rise to criminal, regulatory or disciplinary proceedings.

Therefore, if you are an interested party in an inquest it is extremely important to be represented by an expert who is skilled in cross-examining witnesses, focusing on the issues and obtaining the answer required from probing questioning.

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors regularly act for interested parties in an inquest using our skills and experience to ensure our clients' positions are properly protected and information and answers are obtained.

In many cases, we have also represented families of the deceased who want answers about how a relative has died and who is responsible for the death.

We will be happy to discuss any aspect of inquests with you and explain the procedures which are followed. Whether you need initial advice, help preparing for the inquest or representation at the hearing, we can help, just contact us.


Andy Cave