Break down the stigma surrounding mental health

Cygnet Health releases a film “Unlabelled” to help tackle the issue

Many of our clients who have had no choice but to go through the mental health system have to face the stigma of the mental health condition they are being treated for even when they are stable. Being admitted to hospital during times of crisis or relapse can have a profound effect on maintaining relationships, finding work and being part of society.

This can often lead to negative thoughts, low self esteem and doubts about their own abilities. Not only do people battle with their own perceptions of their condition but public stereotyped attitudes to mental health can also bring difficulties after discharge.

Living with mental illnesses is difficult enough and managing the symptoms of any condition alongside everyday problems is a huge challenge. However the sufferer’s desire for social distance and feelings of isolation can be exacerbated by the negative emotions the public can have about mental illness.

A group of service users at Cygnet Health Care in Stevenage created a video to highlight the issues resulting from the stigma of mental health. The short film illustrates some of the bullying and discrimination that individuals experience and how they adversely affect the progress of the lives of people who are in the recovery phase of their illness.

Please watch the film and help change the perceptions and stigma affecting people with mental health issues.

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