Don't say anything without your lawyer being present in a police interview...

...not having one could seriously damage your life!

Make sure you have proper legal representation if you are arrested by the police

For most people a visit to the police station is something you want to avoid. If you have to visit, it is either as a victim of crime, to report an incident or you have been accused of a crime. 

Being found guilty of a criminal act and receiving a criminal record will change your life, you may lose your job which could affect your future work prospects, there may be a significant financial impact, travel may be restricted, your character may be altered and it could cause problems in your family life.

The police station for most is a scary place and becomes even less appealing when you’re being questioned about a crime or locked in a cell.

Generally you will be detained in custody for a 24 hour period: a senior police officer can however grant permission to extend this. Once the cell door is closed you will be alone and have little or no idea of what is going on.

Even when the police invite you in 'to speak about an incident', although you will not be going into custody you will still go into a small interview room, your interview will be recorded and the police may fire questions at you about an incident. Even in this situation your answers could be life changing.

The police officers will know the law, know the evidence and know what answers they are looking for. You may not know the law, you won’t know what questions are coming and it may be difficult for you to get your story told.

Hunt and Coombs Solicitors offer free police interview advice. This free advice is available anywhere where you are being questioned by the police. This could be in your home, beside a hospital bed, in a police station or in an office.

Our Crime Team are fully trained to protect your interests. We will explain the law and what is happening. We will advise you on the evidence that the Police have. Prior to your police interview we will have a private discussion with you to discuss, advise and prepare you for the questions you may be asked. This will help you deal with the interview far better than if you had no representation at all.

During the interview we will be with you throughout. You can stop the interview to discuss any issues with your solicitor, where you are unsure what to say. After the interview, we will advise you on the outcome and consequences. We will assist in trying to secure your release when necessary.

If you get any contact from the police then we would advise ' don't say anything without your lawyer'. Advise the police you want a solicitor. The Police will be amenable to this as they have to give you this option by law.

Hunt and Coombs Solicitors have some of the leading criminal lawyers in the Anglia region, on call and available 24 hours a day. Accredited by the law Society for Criminal Litigation and listed as Tier 1 in the Legal 500 for Crime, Fraud & Licensing.

If you or someone you know needs help or advice with a police interview or any other criminal matter please contact our Crime Team on 01733 882800 or contact Andrew Cave at .

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