Flood Risk – Are you Covered?

Is your property at risk from flooding and where can you find further information?

Never far away from the front of our minds (and with the current weather) are the numerous news stories over the years reporting that another part of Britain has succumbed to flooding, with hundreds of properties suffering water damage as a result. But how do you know if your property is at risk and what can you do about it?

Why does flooding happen?

Flooding is not limited to properties in coastal areas or near rivers. It can happen through underground water seeping up into houses, or through so-called ‘pluvial’ flooding from excess surface water. As more and more areas become vulnerable to different types of flooding, it is not always obvious that a property is located in an ‘at risk’ area. According to the Environment Agency, around 546,000 homes are at ‘significant risk’ of flooding, with an estimated 1 in 75 chance of being flooded in any given year.

I think my property may be at risk, where can I find more information?

There is information about flooding freely available on the internet from the Environment Agency website, which shows whether a property or postcode is in a risky area.

In addition to this, for a fee of approximately £25, it is possible to carry out a specialist ‘Flood Risk Report’ if a property is shown to be within an area of flood risk with an agency such as Groundsure. The report gives a detailed summary produced from multiple agency databases covering all potential hazards – not just river and tidal.

Does my property need special Insurance?

If your property is located in an area of flood risk then it is imperative to ensure that the buildings insurance policy, covering the property, includes flooding as an insured risk. There are specialist insurance companies in existence which will cover properties in flood risk areas. It is however likely, that such companies will require more information in order to provide a quote or to confirm their ability to provide cover.

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Sarah Morris
Chartered Legal Executive

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