'Nightingale Court' in Peterborough Cathedral

Temporary court to cover health and safety or commercial criminal trials

'Nightingale Court' in Peterborough Cathedral
Peterborough will have one of ten emergency 'Nightingale Courts' to help the justice system cope with a backlog of cases

Peterborough is one of ten cities to have a temporary 'Nightingale Court' to help the justice system cope with a backlog of cases from early September. The move will ease pressure on the courts system and tackle the number of outstanding cases, ensuring justice continues to be served.

The non-secure court, based in the Knights’ Chamber and Visitor Centre in the grounds of the Cathedral, will deal with non-custodial corporate crime cases. It won't deal with custody cases or cases where there are security issues.

It will be used by Luton Crown Court from early September for the purposes of trying a backlog of health and safety or other commercial type criminal trials until Christmas. It may then be able to list similar cases that are outstanding in Cambridgeshire.

At present Luton Crown Court has one court operating jury trials and St Alban's Crown Court has no capacity. Huntington Crown Court is to be used by St Albans and is expected to be up and running with two functioning Crown Courts by early September.

Delays caused by the Covid 19 pandemic is causing distress and disappointment suffered by victims and defendants. The government are also considering a range of other means of ensuring that jury trials proceed and will be developed in discussion with HMCTS, the Judiciary, the Bar Council and the Law Society as well as all the other court users.

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Author: Andrew Cave, Partner

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