Personal Injury claims...

....What is the Claims Portal and how does it work?

Personal Injury claims...What is the Claims Portal and how does it work?

The Claims Portal is the default method of dealing with a personal injury claim in the United Kingdom  when the possible compensation falls within the guideline amounts of £1,000.00 to £25,000.00.The Claims Portal acts as a go between for Claimants and Defendants (the person making the claim for compensation and the person defending). It is designed to help decisions with a claim to be made quickly and to be made in a secure and efficient way.

There are 3 stages in the Claims Portal Process which are:

Stage 1 – The investigation

A form known as the Claim Notification Form which sets out a personal injury claim is sent to the Defendant which must be acknowledged within 1 working day. The Defendant then has 21 days if it’s an RTA claim or 40 days for an employers liability/public liability claim to respond on liability.

Stage 2 – Negotiation

This is when medical evidence and any special damages need to be submitted to support an injury claim. All parties have a further 35 days to negotiate and reach an agreement.

Stage 3 – Litigation

When no agreement has been reached at the end of stage 2, then the Defendant submits their final offer to the Claimant. It is then up to the Claimant to pursue the matter further through court if they are not satisfied with the offer.

The benefits of the Claims Portal Process

The purpose of using the Claims Portal is primarily to manage personal injury claims quickly and efficiently – helping to keep the claim costs down and speed up the claims process.

  1. Keeping costs down. Ever since the reforms to the justice system initiated in 1999 by Lord Woolf, and the subsequent reforms, pursuing small claims – particularly injury claims arising from road traffic accidents – has become more and more expensive. However, claims staying within the Claims Portal process are very likely to result in much cheaper legal costs. The Claims Portal process includes strict time limits and deadlines for each stage of the process which helps to keep the claim moving efficiently, reducing the overall legal costs. The Claims Portal can help in the settlement of more straightforward personal injury claims quickly and those that are within a fixed low cost framework.
  2. Speeding up the claim process. Prior to the Claims Portal system, it could take months or even years to pursue a road traffic accident claim. Now, as all small and medium claims go through the same system it gets rid of all the formalities that could delay claims which therefore speeds the whole process up significantly. Now it can take as little as 6 months or less for a claim to be settled, a significant improvement on the former average of almost 12 months.

As the Claims Portal is electronic and works digitally, decisions can be reached quickly, and information is transferred between the Claimant’s and Defendant’s legal teams efficiently.

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Gemma Winterton, Paralegal

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