Specialist Legal representation is a must…

……especially when faced with mental health issues.

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors provide specialist mental health and criminal legal advice, which is a must if you have been arrested.

Andy Cave, Partner and leading criminal lawyer with specialist expertise in mental health, represented a client in the recent trial of the ‘Museum Gang’ at Birmingham Crown Court.

Our client received a 4 year sentence for his role in the burglaries which was the shortest of all the sentences given to the gang. This was due to our client suffering from mental health and learning disability issues. The full story can be found here.

This case highlights the need for having proper specialist representation in court at all times but is even more important when suffering with a mental health issue.

Andy Cave, stated "A lot of work went into obtaining all the medical reports and letters to help limit his sentence. He was the only defendant who had a probation report arranged. Although I could not prevent a custodial sentence, I put him in the best position to allow the judge to give him the shortest sentence possible”.

Hunt & Coombs are accredited by the Law Society for mental health work so we understand the problems faced by our clients who suffer with mental health issues. We are allowed access to specialist documentation which helps us to understand the diagnoses, condition and treatment needed to help provide the best defence for our clients.

Once in Court our specialist knowledge of the mental health and learning disability issues allows us to have a greater understanding of our clients requirements and also to help provide the additional advice to make sure the court fully understands and is aware of the problems. This again allows for the best defence and representation for our clients and makes sure that their needs are fully provided for.

As both our Mental Health and Crime departments are linked, Hunt & Coombs is the only law firm in the Peterborough area that is able to offer representation for both areas of law helping to formulate and provide a full defence for the individual and those suffering from Mental Health problems.

If you would like to discuss or require advice in a criminal or mental health matter please contact the Crime and Mental Health team on 01733 882800 or contact Andy Cave directly.

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