Divorce, dissolution of a Civil Partnership & Judicial Separations

In most cases, divorce proceedings are straightforward and one of our fixed-fee packages will give you the assistance you require. However, when a divorce is complicated you may require advice and support beyond the scope of our fixed-fee packages.

Please see our fees page for information regarding costs. It is useful to note that in addition to our costs you will have to pay the Court Fee, which is currently £593.00.

An uncontested divorce is largely a paperwork process and you will not ordinarily have to attend court. Most divorces take between 4-6 months but can take longer if there are contested issues or lengthy negotiations regarding financial matters. We can deal with the divorce either when you are issuing the proceedings (the 'Petitioner') or where your spouse has issued the divorce (you are then the 'Respondent'). 

The following sets out the basis procedure for a divorce:

Procedure for a Divorce and the Dissolution of a Civil Partnership (undefended)

Step 1 

Issue Petition (D8) based on the following criteria:

  • Adultery (Divorce only);
  • Unreasonable Behaviour;
  • Desertion;
  • 2 Years Separation with consent; or
  • 5 Years Separation.

Step 2

Petition and Acknowledgement of Service form sent to spouse (the Respondent).

Step 3

Acknowledgement of service returned to court by respondent, sealed and sent to Petitioner.

Step 4

Petitioner files application for Decree Nisi and statement in support.

Step 5

Case considered by Court Officer and if no queries Certificate of entitlement to a decree issued by Court; date set for Decree Nisi application to be dealt with by a Judge.

Step 6

Decree Nisi/ Dissolution Hearing – You do not need to attend Court, unless you wish to be heard on application of costs.

Step 7

Decree Nisi pronounced.

Step 8

Petitioner issues application for Decree Absolute/ Decree of Judicial Separation or Dissolution Order:                                       

  • This cannot be done until 6 weeks and 1 day has past after granting of Decree Nisi.                                                                
  • In certain circumstances the Respondent can make this application but not until 4.5 months has past.

Step 9

Decree Absolute/ Dissolution Order granted – Divorce Complete


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