Family and Divorce legal services

Initial Fixed-Fee consultations

For most situations we provide a one off consultation to give initial advice and to discuss your options for future legal representation.

The one-hour initial consultation is with one of our specialist family lawyers and costs £175 +VAT (£210.00 in total). This is highly recommended as it is essential that you get the right advice from the outset.

If you are contemplating divorce or separation from your partner or your partner has told you that they wish to initiate the break up, we recommend you get proper advice from the beginning. By identifying issues early on, we can provide advice that helps you avoid a path that would otherwise cost more financially than if you took no advice at this stage. We can also advise you on the options available to you in terms of how we deal with your case e.g. mediation, negotiation or the collaborative law process

One point worth making is that you have much more control over the situation than you might think, but only if you are clear about what you want to achieve from the process. This is why we ask questions like ‘where do you see yourself in 12 months’ that really helps to focus your mind on your expectations. We also ask specific questions relevant to your circumstances, especially in relation to issues about finances, property and children.

The meeting will achieve clarity for us, and in your own mind, on what really matters to you and what your priorities are. After we have talked through these issues, we will be able to give you a view of whether your intended outcomes are achievable and realistic. We will also usually be able to tell you whether one of our fixed-fee divorce services is suitable and if not provide an estimate as to the likely costs involved.


If you would like to discuss our initial fixed fees further and how Hunt & Coombs can help you with family legal advice please contact our Family Law Services & Divorce Team on:

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