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Motoring and drink driving offences

At some stage in our lives many of us will fall foul of road traffic law and commit a motoring offence. If you are facing prosecution contact our experienced motoring team at Hunt & Coombs Solicitors for expert legal advice and support.

Appointing one of our expert motoring solicitors to present your case especially if you are faced with disqualification and loss of your licence is of the highest importance. We will help you prepare and present your case to the Court in the best possible way to give you the best chance of avoiding disqualification. We have a good track record of saving our clients' licences and our lawyers have a wealth of expertise in this area.

We provide motoring legal advice in the following areas:

Alcohol offences

Generally the court has to disqualify you from driving. There are exceptional circumstances where this can be prevented but they are rare. We will examine the whole case, advise and help you to obtain the best result, which is likely to be the shortest disqualification and reductions for the completion of courses.


The penalty for speeding is at the courts discretion but in accordance with their guidelines. We can assist you by explaining the circumstances of the offence, alerting the court to all the offence mitigation, highlight your personal mitigation and the effect of the punishment. We seek to achieve the best possible result.

Driving without due care, failing to stop, and failing to report an accident

Often the above offences come from one incident. We will explain how the incident occurred and explain the circumstances to the court. In most circumstances you should only receive one penalty. This combination of offences carries a penalty from 5 points to 6 months in prison.

Documentary offences

There are a vast and complex array of offences, which carry a variance of fines, points and disqualification. No insurance is the most common which carries a minimum of 6 points endorsement unless special legal reasons exist. We will guide you through the requirements and obligations, in order that you only accept what you are actually guilty of.

Reaching 12 points (totting)

If you have reached or likely to reach 12 points on your licence then you will be disqualified from driving for 6 months. The only way to avoid this is to successfully present to the court an argument that you or another would be caused exceptional hardship. In order to win these cases you need to give the court the required information to allow them to find exception.

Pricing and timescales

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