Personal Injury lawyers - Alternatives to No Win No Fee

Alternative ways to fund a Personal Injury claim

Legal Expenses Insurance

Legal expenses insurance is the main alternative to a conditional fee agreement if you want a ‘no win no fee’ type arrangement. It is sometimes an ‘extra’ on home or motor insurance, and can be a membership benefit of organisations such as trade unions, clubs and societies.

You can only use this insurance if you had it at the time of the accident, you cannot buy it later and try to use it retrospectively.

Often the insurance only covers accidents relevant to where the insurance has come from. For example, most legal expenses policies on motor insurance only cover legal costs arising from road accidents, and often only for accidents involving the insured vehicle. Policies attached to home insurance are usually wider, covering you for legal costs for claims except road accidents. Membership policies often only cover you for relevant claims, for example trade union cover may only cover you for workplace accidents.

Self Funding

You can of course can also self fund your claim without a ‘no win no fee’ arrangement or insurance. If you win you could usually expect your opponent’s insurers to pay all or most of your legal fees, but if you lose you would have to pay them yourself. You would also be at risk of paying towards your opponent’s legal fees of defending the case. Because of the financial risks, people rarely self fund personal injury claims.

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