Personal Injury Lawyers - Can I make a personal injury claim?

Can I make a Personal Injury claim?

To make a successful claim for personal injury you must have suffered an injury due to someone else breaking the law.

The law that has been broken is usually either the law of negligence, or a written law known as a statute. Negligence is very much a ‘common sense’ idea, that where someone does something they shouldn’t and causes harm, they are liable for that harm. Most road accident cases are based on someone having driven negligently, for example. Statutes are the written laws passed by parliament, and include things like health and safety regulations, or the law governing the maintenance of roads and pavements.

Sometimes you might think you are partly to blame for your own accident. However, that does not necessarily mean that someone else isn’t also partly to blame, and that your accident would not have happened without that other person breaking the law. In such cases you would still have a claim, although your damages may be reduced.

The severity of the injury is usually an entirely separate issue. Whether your injury is really serious or fairly minor doesn’t affect whether someone is to blame for causing it. If someone has caused the damage, they are liable for the consequences of what they have done.

If you think someone may have caused you an injury, or if you aren’t sure where you stand legally, contact our Personal Injury Team who will be happy to advise you on whether you might have a claim. We are usually able to tell if there is a good claim straight away, and if we think you are likely to win we will tell you your options.

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