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Personal injury claims, if handled properly, are about more than just compensation. Emphasis should be placed on rehabilitation with the aim of getting you better quickly and from stopping many of the losses from happening in the first place.

Rehabilitation in the context of a legal claim is the process by which an assessment is made as to whether action taken and money spent now might help you recover sooner from the injury, or whether steps can be taken to minimise the financial impact on you and your family. The defendant’s insurer should consider this once the claim is notified to them.

Rehabilitation can take several forms. The first is to suggest medical treatment. In more straightforward cases it may be physiotherapy to help you recover quickly from a whiplash injury. In more serious cases, surgery may be necessary to help recovery from an orthopaedic injury. Depending on the injury you could also be referred to a specialist such as a counsellor, a pain management consultant or a neurologist.

You might find you also need help with previously normal tasks that you now find difficult or impossible due to your injuries. For example, people sometimes need help to look after the house or garden, they might need nursing care because they can’t dress or wash themselves safely, or for example in cases of brain injury the injured person might need someone to help to organise themselves or help to prevent them from harming themselves or others. Help may be required so that independence can be regained following an accident.

A lot of this is not just of practical benefit as a means of dealing with the consequences of injury. If rehabilitation is not provided and someone with serious injuries is left to deal with their recovery themselves, there is a potential risk of unnecessary physical or mental harm.

At its best, rehabilitation is a win-win for everybody. You want to get better as soon as you can, or at least to minimise your losses and the impact on your life in general; and the insurers would often rather spend a little money now on helping you, rather than a lot of money later compensating someone whose life is significantly more affected than it should have been.

Our team of personal injury lawyers always look at each case individually so that the best outcome for compensation and immediate requirements like rehabilitation can be pursued helping you and your family to recovery, regain independence and plan for any future changes.

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