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Road Traffic Accidents

Thankfully most of us will never suffer a serious injury in a crash, but cars, lorries and motorbikes are dangerous in the wrong hands, and a driver’s momentary lapse of concentration, or in some cases their disregard of the rules of the road, can have devastating consequences.

Road accidents are one of the commonest types of accident claims, and can leave you or your family with serious, long lasting injuries.

Cars and other vehicles can cause severe damage in the wrong hands, and motorists are expected to drive with the utmost care. Accidents do happen, and if there is a crash it is usually because someone has been negligent in some way.

As well as car crashes, accidents can also involve cyclists and pedestrians:

Cyclists and pedestrians

Cyclists and pedestrians often find themselves the victims of negligent road users, and without the protection of a vehicle around them, are often much more vulnerable to injury.

Pedestrians may be injured when using the road, for example crossing the road or using pedestrian crossings. They can also be injured as bystanders, hit by cars that leave the side of the road, often with devastating results.

Cyclists are at additional risk from potholes in the road, from motorists turning or changing lanes without seeing the cyclist, or from doors being opened as they pass parked cars.

Claims against cyclists

Cyclists are as much bound by the rules of the road as anyone else. In theory a cyclist can be sued in the same way as a motorist. The issue is whether they have insurance or the money to pay your claim if you win. These days, many cyclists are insured, either with bike insurance or through their home insurance.

If you were the driver, passenger, cyclist or pedestrian injured in an accident, we are here to help put things right.

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