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Sports Injuries

Injuries happen when playing sport. Sometimes even very serious injuries can happen without it necessarily being anyone’s fault. However, occasionally something will have gone wrong enough that the law has been broken, and if you are the innocent victim you may be able to make a compensation claim.

There are three main areas where a claim might arise:

  1. First, if another player commits very serious foul play, more than just an ordinary foul that might be expected during the sport;
  2. Second, the referee or other official might fail to control the game properly, resulting in play becoming dangerous; or
  3. Third, the organisers of the sport might get something wrong, for example failing to ensure sufficient supervision of the event, or providing a dangerous pitch or premises.


One issue which is a factor in most claims arising from sports injuries is insurance. Whilst most professional sports for obvious reasons carry insurance cover, for amateur recreational sports it is much less common.

It is one thing to have a valid compensation claim, but if your opponent is not insured, unless they have the money to pay your claim they may not be worth claiming against.

Even properly organised sports such as amateur football or rugby will not necessarily be fully insured. Often the club or the referee will be insured, but unless the players are employees of the club the insurance probably won’t cover foul play by individual players.

The fact that a sport is governed by a professional body such as the local FA also does not necessarily mean there will be insurance cover for the players.

Where the fault lies in the organisation of the sport, insurance is more likely to be in place. It is more likely that the organiser might be a large body such as a council or school, and it is more likely the activity will fall under their public liability insurance.

Each case is different, and the best way to know if there is insurance is to ask the club concerned, or contact us directly to start making the necessary enquiries.

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