Glenda Hair

Criminal Law Clerk

T: 01733 882838

Service Area(s):

  • Crime and Defence


  • Peterborough

Glenda is a Criminal Law Clerk who specialises in Crown Court matters.

Glenda has over 35 years experience of Crown Court work and regularly instructs barristers and expert witnesses and liaises with clients and those involved in the litigation process.

In 2019, Glenda was again recommended by the Legal 500 in her areas of expertise.

Legal 500 recommended lawyer 2020










Legal 500 Recommended Lawyer

Crime - Fraud

  • "Glenda Hair is meticulous in her case preparation and turns round requests for counsel with an impressive speed. She is well respected by clients." Legal 500 2020

  • "Glenda Hair seems to practically run the Crown courts in the area and can sort out listing and other procedural problems pretty much at will." Legal 500 2020

  • "Glenda Hair, the Criminal Law Clerk at Hunt and Coombes is fantastic. She is well known and liked by the list offices, CPS and judiciary on the Cambridge/Peterborough circuit and able to ease the burdens on counsel and the court through administrative resolution of problems at an early stage." Legal 500 2020

  • "Criminal law clerk Glenda Hair has more than 40 years’ experience in the courts and ‘can get pretty much anything reasonable done for the client; she is great for client care and the fact that she comes to court most days means that defendants get a great service and counsel are well supported'." Legal 500 2018

  • "criminal law clerk Glenda Hair, who is ‘extremely hardworking and very dedicated to her clients’ and is noted for her ‘considerable legal knowledge and common sense’." Legal 500 2017

Crime - General

  • "Glenda Hair has enormous experience and provides unparalleled support to clients, counsel and the firm generally." Legal 500 2020

  • "Cave and criminal law clerk Glenda Hair are 'intelligent, able, have excellent judgement and are extremely committed to their clients'." Legal 500 2018