Helen Townsend LLB (Hons)


T: 01733 882803

Service Area(s):

  • Civil Disputes
  • Commercial Litigation
  • Debt recovery and Insolvency
  • Employment Law
  • Property Litigation


  • Peterborough

Helen qualified as a solicitor in 2007 and joined Hunt & Coombs as an associate solicitor and Commercial Litigation Team Leader in 2020. Helen was promoted to Partner in April 2021.

Helen advises partnerships, plc's, limited companies, SMEs and sole-traders on a broad range of complex commercial disputes, including (where necessary) through litigation. She has particular expertise in commercial contracts, professional negligence, property litigation and debt recovery and her clients come from a range of sectors including farming, insurance, entertainment and construction.

Helen has worked for several regional firms throughout her career gaining a wealth of experience in County Court and High Court matters as well as in the First Tier Property Tribunal. She has nearly 20 years of experience in civil and commercial matters and has recently expanded her knowledge by undertaking the Association of Contentious Trusts and Probate Specialists qualification through the University of Law in London.

Helen has seen the changes advocated by the courts towards mediation and negotiation and supports the recommendation that protracted litigation should be avoided where possible. Helen has been engaged in more than a dozen successful expert mediations in recent years.

Commercial contracts experience

Throughout her career Helen has assisted various commercial clients in relation to their contracts, including and not limited to interpretation of terms, retention of title clauses, breach of contract claims and claims for specific performance.

Professional negligence experience

Helen has acted on behalf of consumers and businesses in relation to professional negligence claims against surveyors, accountants and solicitors. She has a sound understanding of the pre-action protocol and has had numerous successes in pursuing claims on behalf of clients which have resulted in either a negotiated settlement or Court Judgment.

Property Litigation

In relation to commercial properties Helen is able to provide advice regarding termination/forfeiture of leases, rent arrears recovery, relief from forfeiture claims, claims for breach of contract and dilapidations claims. Helen is also able to provide assistance in relation to agricultural tenancies and the rights attached thereto.

Helen acts on behalf of both landlord and tenants in relation to residential property related matters. She provides advice and assistance in relation to repossessions of properties, both through Section 21 and Section 8 as well as the appointment of a bailiff or sheriff to remove a tenant once an order for possession has been granted. Helen is able to assist tenants with claims for rent arrears and claims in relation to the cost of repairs (dilapidations) to properties which have been damaged; the removal of trespassers; unlawful eviction; breach of contract; and compensation for failure to register rental deposits within the required limits or at all.

Debt recovery and insolvency experience

Helen has dealt with debt recovery claims throughout her career ranging from several national companies (recovering significant sums owed to them) to smaller companies and individuals with claims which fall within the small claims track. Helen has used her experience of the Money Claims Online System to recover monies owed to clients in the most expeditious and economical routes possible and has acted in the background of client fronted claims, providing assistance on an as and when required basis.