Corporate Commercial legal advice - Group restructuring

Group restructuring

Throughout the lifecycle of a business, restructuring may become desired or required for a number of reasons. Assets may have been moved around the group previously and are no longer where they are best needed, or your group may include companies which are now redundant and need to be liquidated.

You may wish to restructure the way you and fellow owners of the business hold your shares to reflect how your involvement in the day-to-day running of the business changes over time or if you wish to return capital to shareholders.

Restructuring may also be desirable if you wish to move assets around your group to either ring-fence them from risk, or to capture specific assets in a separate group in readiness for a sale.

Examples of group restructuring that have been undertaken include:

  • Acting for the owners of a local garden centre business on a group reorganisation and buy out of certain shareholders;
  • Inter-group asset transfers of property and other assets;
  • Debt for equity swaps; and
  • Reductions of capital and returning capital to investors.

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