Legal services for Charities

Legal Compliance

In today's world of rapidly changing legislation, making sure you comply with the law in every area of your operations can be a full-time job. We can help by reviewing all your areas of work and pointing out possible areas of concern. In particular:

Data Protection

As a charity, you may need to hold information about your donors or beneficiaries and employees. The Data Protection Act 1998 regulates the processing of information relating to individuals and carries stringent penalties for non-compliance, including the possibility of criminal prosecution. We can assist by:

  • Providing advice on your obligations under the Act;
  • Working with you to ensure good practice and compliance; and
  • Representing and advising you in the event of an investigation or prosecution.

Company Law

If you form a company for the purposes of trading then there will be legal obligations on your Directors and on the company itself as well as decisions to make about the best form for your company to take. Our solicitors can help to advise you on these decisions and inform you of your legal obligations in operating a company.

Health and Safety

As an employer, you will be responsible for providing a safe place of work for your employees. You will also be liable for the health and safety of volunteers working for your charity and in the case of charities engaged in physical work or in travel to dangerous places these responsibilities may be onerous. Our lawyers can advise you on how best to comply with health and safety law and what to do in the event of an accident or investigation.


Paddy Appleton