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Crime and Defence

Current situation with the criminal court system 

Read more about the current situation with the court system and the impact of the coronavirus and the instruction to stay at home: Update on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the criminal court system

Crime and Defence

We all hope to stay out of trouble with the law but sometimes fate intervenes and our experienced Crime and Defence team can help if it does. Hunt & Coombs solicitors have the largest Crime team in the Peterborough area and we have a Community Legal aid Agency contract which can provide you with Publicly Funded Legal help in Criminal matters.

Motoring Offences

We specialise in representing those charged with motoring offences and have had a number of successes in protecting our clients' licences even when they have reached the maximum 12 points. Our lawyers are experienced in pleading for retention of your licence and can advise you on whether this may be possible.

Police Station

Our Crime team is on call 24 hours a day and will attend the police station to represent you if you are questioned or arrested on suspicion of committing a criminal offence and ensure that correct procedures are followed and that your interests are protected. Eight members of the team are Police Station Duty Solicitors.


If you are charged with a criminal offence our solicitors can represent you in court (whether it is Youth Court, Magistrates' Court or Crown Court) and present your defence. We are also experienced in criminal appeals and applications to the Criminal Cases Review Commission.

Prison Law

We represent prisoners through the parole process, on life reviews and at adjudications. Our lawyers also known for their expertise in the impact of mental health issues on criminal law.

Mental Health

Our solicitors can provide representation in Mental Health Review Tribunals and represent clients in appeals to the High Court from decisions of the Tribunal. The Tribunal considers the cases of everyone who is detained under any section of the Mental Health Act 1983 and free publicly funded legal help is provided for all patients' representation at these tribunals.

Work for Businesses

Our Crime team also carries out a full range of Commercial work including Business Defence, Statutory Prosecution and Licensing.

Top rated Crime team in Peterborough and the surrounding area.

Legal 500 Top Tier Firm 2020 Chambers 2018

Hunt & Coombs’ Crime team have been rated Tier 1 in the Legal 500 2020 and Band 1 in Chambers UK 2018 for Peterborough and the surrounding area for their legal work on behalf of families, individuals & businesses. The Legal 500 and Chambers UK are prestigious, independent and objective directories of the legal profession.

  • "Hunt & Coombs is one of the leading firms in the Peterborough/Cambridge area and deservedly so. The team is incredibly dedicated, hardworking and creates a positive bridge between lay clients and counsel through their sound judgment and pragmatic approach to cases." Legal 500 2020
  • "The team is incredibly dedicated, hardworking and creates a positive bridge between lay clients and counsel through their sound judgment and pragmatic approach to cases." Legal 500 2020
  • "The team is unique for the thorough and personalised service it offers to defendants. They are always on top of the cases and all the required deadlines." Legal 500 2020
  • "One fo the finest practices based outside London. Down through the years their client care never ceases to impress. They are high calibre lawyers with a thorough and intelligent approach." Legal 500 2020
  • "Hunt & Coombs LLP has 'a strong criminal practice and is an outstanding firm, well respected by clients and Judges alike'." Legal 500 2019
  • "A very good firm, old-fashioned in a good way in that it prepares cases well and supports counsel in court." Legal 500 2019
  • "Hunt & Coombs LLP is ‘a busy firm with a large amount of good-quality work; cases are all well prepared and well managed from start to finish’." Legal 500 2017
  • "The firm has ‘an extremely strong criminal practice and is an outstanding firm in Cambridgeshire’ for serious crime, with ‘lawyers making themselves available at all stages from police station to appeal’." Legal 500 2017
  • "Clients are ‘extremely impressed with the knowledge and level of support’ from Hunt & Coombs LLP."


To contact the Crime team please email or call 01733 882800.

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