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Health and Safety individual liability

An increasing number of criminal cases are being brought against companies under Health and Safety legislation. Our solicitors find that these cases can result in substantial financial penalties and sometimes even custodial sentences. Many companies are finding that their working practices are subject to increasing scrutiny by regulatory bodies with focus on individual liability leading to prosecutions of companies and individuals for corporate manslaughter.

What can you do if faced with a prosecution?

As soon as a Health and Safety investigation begins, it is crucial to contact a solicitor straightaway. At the start of investigations, a prosecuting agency will gather evidence and interview parties with the aim of identifying those responsible and considering whether a prosecution is appropriate. Everyone involved in a Health and Safety investigation should be represented by a solicitor from the outset so that their interests are protected. Seeking early legal advice can influence the outcome of an investigation.

Why contact us?

At Hunt & Coombs we can provide expert legal advice at police interviews and experienced defence in Courts or Tribunals. We have been practicing Criminal Law for over 70 years and with experience in high profile murder cases and expertise in regulatory offences we are well equipped to ensure that our Health and Safety clients receive the most effective legal representation.

What can we do for you?

  • Our lawyers can appeal on your behalf against health and safety prohibition and improvement notices and help to ensure that work can continue at your premises;
  • Prosecutions for breaches of health and safety can impact on a company’s insurance liabilities, their civil liabilities and can attract significant press attention. Hunt & Coombs Solicitors are experienced in ensuring that this kind of damage is limited and would be more than happy to deal with any press-related issues;
  • We can help prevent prosecutions by providing legal advice on Health and Safety systems and record-keeping;
  • We can attend interviews with you, advise on the law and assist in the investigation of an accident; and
  • Most importantly, receiving legal advice immediately after an accident and before any Health and Safety investigation means that those being interviewed will be aware of the law surrounding this complex area and will be in a more informed position to answer questions.

Hunt & Coombs offer a 24-hour on call advice line for regulatory prosecutions including Health and Safety matters - if you would like the peace of mind offered by knowing we are at the other end of a phone, please contact us for details.


Andy Cave