Hunt & Coombs are Investors in the Environment

Hunt & Coombs Solicitors are delighted to announce that their Peterborough head office has recently been awarded Investors in Environment Silver Level Accreditation.

The first law firm to achieve this, we have for many years recognised that as a business we have an impact on the environment in a variety of ways and the Directors have taken decisions to minimise this impact and also improve the firm’s efficiency. The firm has been committed to the continued improvement of the firm’s environmental performance in relation to our services and operations and achieving this accreditation is a clear recognition of the real improvements that have been made.

Working towards and achieving Silver has enabled us to build on the many environmentally friendly practices we already had in place across the practice and develop these further. We now have detailed monthly data for our use of water, gas and electricity as well as our recycling of waste. Paper waste is a significant area where we have made considerable improvements over recent years with all our confidential waste now being shredded on site and then recycled. We have considerably reduced our carbon footprint over recent years with many staff car sharing, walking or cycling to work and most of the training courses attended by our lawyers now take place locally or online which has reduced the impact on the environment and also travel costs for the firm.

Last year we entered the Peterborough Miles Better Challenge where our staff were encouraged to travel to work sustainably and save emissions. We won the 50 to 250 employees category and were rewarded with the use of an office masseuse for the day!

We now have a travel plan, are using more recycled paper and continue to improve our recycling. We have updated our website to reflect our commitment to environment issues and have targets in place to reduce our use of energy and resources. We aim to achieve the Investors in Environment “Green” accreditation next year.

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