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Moving home during the coronavirus pandemic
Moving home during the coronavirus pandemic - what changes in the process of moving house can you expect?

Moving home during the coronavirus pandemic

The property market is opening up with easing of the lockdown but this is not a return to normality and the process has to adapt

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Public rights of way to remain open during coronavirus

Access to public rights of way during coronavirus

Landowners cannot obstruct public rights of way but how are they supposed to protect themselves and others during the coronavirus …

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What does the Government's instruction to 'stay at home' mean for people in the process of buying and selling property?

Buying and selling homes during the Coronavirus pandemic

As conveyancers, we have a duty to support you in the process as far as possible but also to make you aware of the difficulties of …

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There is no such term as 'common law' wife or 'common law' husband and this area of law is often generally misconstrued.


What happens when a couple who are not married but own a property together decide to separate?

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Hunt & Coombs Solicitors Street Party at the Peterborough Beer Festival 2018

Street Party

The Beer Festival is now in its forty ‘thirst’ year and Hunt & Coombs have been entertaining at the event for ten years.

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