Recent Lily Allen Stalking Case ...

... highlights further the importance of specialist mental health solicitors

Legal Mental Health specialists are important to help those suffering from mental health issues

Andy Cave, Partner and leading criminal lawyer with specialist expertise in mental health, represented Alex Gray who was recently convicted of burglary and the stalking of Lily Allen at Harrow Crown Court.

Alex Gray received a section 37 hospital order with a section 41 restriction order rather than a prison sentence.

This case has been well highlighted in the media with both the victim and the family stating that Mr Grey requires treatment in hospital rather than a custodial sentence. This was also highlighted in a recent interview with Victoria Derbyshire and Lily Allen.

Andy Cave in his recent interview in the Law Society Gazette explains further:

‘Alex Gray’s case received considerable press attention and both the victim and the relatives of the defendant expressed the view that he needed help more than punishment. Highlighting mental health issues like this in the press can only help encourage more resources to be allocated for people who need such help.’

This case again highlights the need for identifying and helping people with mental health issues and the need for people who suffer from mental health issues in having proper specialist representation in court at all times. Andy Cave states in the Law Society Gazette that:

‘Dealing with clients with mental health issues is always challenging, particularly when the defendant has a delusional disorder or schizophrenia. In order to be able to discuss and challenge a client over evidence, you have to gain their trust. Often they do not understand when an overwhelming evidential case presents itself.’

‘In this instance, the medical evidence obtained confirmed that Mr Gray suffered from a mental disorder. The court agreed, giving him a hospital order rather than a prison sentence.’

Click here to read the full Law Society Gazette interview with Andy Cave.

Hunt & Coombs are accredited by the Law Society for mental health work so we understand the problems faced by our clients who suffer with mental health issues. We are allowed access to specialist documentation which helps us to understand the diagnoses, condition and treatment needed to help provide the best defence for our clients.

Once in Court our specialist knowledge of the mental health and learning disability issues allows us to have a greater understanding of our clients requirements and also to help provide the additional advice to make sure the court fully understands and is aware of the problems. This again allows for the best defence and representation for our clients and makes sure that their needs are fully provided for.

As both our Mental Health and Crime departments are linked, Hunt & Coombs Solicitors is the only law firm in the Peterborough area that is able to offer representation for both areas of law helping to formulate and provide a full defence for the individual and those suffering from Mental Health problems.

If you would like to discuss or require advice in a criminal or mental health matter please contact the Crime and Mental Health team on 01733 882800 or contact Andy Cave directly at .

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